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Health & Safety

RHN Training acknowledges and accepts its legal responsibilities for securing the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and of sub-contractors working on its behalf, and all others affected by their activities. RHN Training is committed to ensuring that the highest standards in Health, Safety and Welfare for all our workers are achieved so far as is reasonably practicable and that a fair culture is applied at all times.

We will actively encourage our workers and subcontractors to be pro-active in creating a safe working environment for themselves and others. We begin from the principle that all accidents, injuries and occupational ill health are preventable. This policy is fully supported by the senior
management team who will work with me to ensure that: Every worker and sub-contractor accepts, as a condition of their engagement, their responsibility for working safely We will ensure that this policy is communicated to all workers and sub-contractors and is reviewed at least annually for effectiveness.

- We comply with all relevant legislation, Railway Industry Standards and other mandatory requirements.

- We will set and regularly monitor, relevant and challenging safety objectives.

- Safety performance is subject to continual improvement.

- We will minimize incidents of personal injury and occupational illness.

- We review all tasks to identify hazards, assess risks and implement effective control measures.

- We will ensure the safest system of work is always selected and used.

- We will ensure all accidents and incidents are thoroughly investigated and reported as required and we will promote a culture where near misses and close calls are reported.

- We will support the individual’s right to refuse to work on the grounds of health & safety.

- We will provide adequate, competent supervision and training, assessment and mentoring to enable all workers to comply with their responsibilities.

- We will ensure health, safety and welfare provision is adequately delivered.

- We will communicate & consult with all workers and sub-contractors regarding health, safety & welfare issues.

- We will provide safe premises including safe access and egress and also tools, plant and equipment.

- We will issue all workers with Personal Protective Equipment necessary for the duties they are carrying out.

- We will make provision for safe methods of handling, transport and storage of items, materials and substances as required by relevant regulations.



RHN Training offers the highest quality training to businesses throughout the UK; training can be held at your business, at a training centre or remotely.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service; whatever your training requirements just get in touch and we will sort everything for you.

Tailored Programme

We tailor our training to your specific needs and will work with you to deliver a training programme that matches with your requirements.

Certified Training

RHN Training courses are certified by a number of awarding bodies, such as NEBOSH, IOSH and RTITB.